Vesa Loikas presents:

Improvisations on Aluminum – Live in NYC

Modern dance and New York cityscapes are featured in these photographs. The main theme in these captured moments is improvisation. The chosen display material for the prints is brushed aluminum. The reflective surface works both ways and reflects also the world around the viewer, and thus becomes another viewpoint to the world. The installations of the photographs depict the hectic big city life and people’s reactions to their surroundings. The installation of the pieces, sometimes juxtaposing them, gives the viewer an opportunity to study people, architecture, wall, street etc. as a composition and find similarities. This enables the viewer to create their improvised ideas and thoughts of being, their ‘unique moment’.

-       “My main idea was to capture the moment, condense that moment of being and represent it as a composition on an aluminum sheet. I am creating a moment for the viewer, to study the composition and to notice reflections, and while taking a breath, create comparisons and juxtapositions”, explains Loikas.


Loikas photographed moments of dance, which became two-dimensional compositions, kind of human statues in different environments. The result where a moving dancer becomes still and dissolves into the surroundings, particularly interests him. He is also interested in how environment and architecture influence human senses and behavior. The photographs were created while Loikas received an artist residency in New York in March of 2013 by the Regional Finnish Art Council and The Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland.

-       Loikas describes how was it to collaborate with the dancers ”It was like jazz and interaction, where the communication was done by body language and movement rather than words and thoughts. We found a common groove, which exhibits itself with great results and timeless moments.”

Vesa Loikas is a photographer, graphic designer and architect based in Turku, Finland. Nature, landscape architecture and people in their surroundings are close to his heart in his photography and fine art prints. Many of his photographs have been featured in books, magazines and on-line around the world. He has worked and studied in the United States and Finland. He started architecture school in Texas in 1989 and graduated in Louisiana in 1995. After that he worked in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 6 years as an architect. He moved back to Finland in 2001 where he lives with his family in the historic neighborhood of Turku.