"I explore the interactions, relationships and juxtapositions formed when landscape, architecture and people come together"

I am a fine art photographer
based in Turku, Finland. 

Through photography I express & explore the human condition and its wide range of emotions. I  often collaborate with other artists
and use architecture and urban landscape as stages.

Photography has always been part of me since I was a teenager. I have always been printing my work, first by traditional film process & development and now by using a digital workflow and inkjet printers. Recently I started printing on aluminum and other rigid surfaces. My prints make the photograph feel alive connecting with the viewer and also with the space where they are displayed. 

"Photograph is a Feeling"

All photography copyright Vesa Loikas, please contact me for licensing.


NEW YORK - SHANGHAI - HELSINKI  |  Dancers around the world | 2013 -2016  

CONCEPT OF BEAUTY 🎨 60 x 60 cm brushed aluminum 1st. Edition - Nauvo Archipelago, Finland August 2016 BUY ONLINE


Nature, landscape, architecture and people in their surroundings are close to my heart in my photography and fine art prints. Many of my photographs have been featured in books, magazines and on-line around the world. I have worked and studied in the United States and Finland. I started my studies in art & architecture in Texas in 1989 and I graduated in Louisiana in 1995. After that I worked in Minneapolis, Minnesota for six years as an architect. In 2001 I moved back to Finland where I live with my family in the historic neighborhood of Turku on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

MOOSE IN THE MIST - 3.6 x 2.1 meters - One of my forty large photo murals for renovated Orion Oyj offices in Turku, Finland. I took the photo in Nauvo Archipelago , Finland - 4am July 17th, 2010.

The Old Town Hall Gallery, Turku, Finland 2014 | photo: Timo Mäkipää


In my Improvisations on Aluminum series, I  photograph moments of dance, which become two-dimensional compositions, kind of human statues in different environments. These photographs are then printed on large scale aluminum sheets. The result where a moving dancer becomes still and dissolves into the surroundings, particularly interests me. I am also interested in how environment and architecture influence human senses and behavior. This series was started when I received an artist residency in New York in March of 2013 by the Finnish Art Council and The Dance Centre of Western Finland.

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