Stockholm 🌆 Modern

Glimpses of recent modern architecture in Stockholm, a city which has a historical royal center at its heart.

Paletten Nursery School - The facade panels are created with yellow sawn wood following the curved plan of this kindergarten located at the end of an old industrial area of Telefonplan south-west of central Stockholm.

Architecture is an art form that at its best reflects and manifests our human condition and the local history. More often than not the challenges of the building process compromise the finished structures. Here are glimpses of new architecture in the Swedish capital. 

Stockholm Waterfront - This large conference center built in 2010 locates near the city center in the crossroads of busy highways and the main railway station.

Stockholm Waterfront - This large conference center built in 2010 locates near the city center in the crossroads of busy highways and the main railway station.

I challenge you to find the people in these images, even though there are none. However, hiding behind the brick, wood, glass and steel are people whose ideas are translated into these details, facades and spacial arrangements. Do they reflect our ideas of the world like pyramids of Egypt reflected their world view? That is a question worth pondering.

Bricks have been used since circa 5000 BC and are used effedctively in this this residential apartment building facade in south-west of central Stockholm.

Thousand Eyes - This 400-room hotel in Solna, just north of the Stockholm City Centre, has a facade of thousand eyes creating a repetitive, yet interesting pattern.  

Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology architecture building with a robust corten steel exterior.

Royal Staircase - A view upwards in Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology new architecture building interior staircase that uses materials in a robust way.

Leaning In - Karolinska Institutet New Lecture Hall | A university auditorium in a Stockholm suburb with a patterned glass facade that twists and leans over the adjacent street.

Västermalms Atrium is a large residential project built in 2015 and it is located in Kungsholmen, central Stockholm.

Tele2 Areena in Stockholm’s Globe district has a distinctive wicker basket form perforated metal façade. This multi-purpose venue hosts football matches as well as concerts and other events. 

The historic city center "gamla stan" and king's castle - a wonderful contrast to the modern architecture that surrounds the old town.

Vesa Loikas photo: Paula K. Niittynen


I am a fine art photographer
based in Turku, Finland. 

Photography has always been part of me since I was a teenager. I have also been printing my work, first by traditional film process & development and now by using a digital workflow with inkjet & large format UV-printers. Recently I started printing large murals on aluminum, canvas and other rigid surfaces. My prints make the photograph feel alive connecting with the viewer and also with the space where they are displayed. And that is my goal, to translate the experience of photographing the scene for the viewer also to engage and experience.