PAIMIO, FINLAND 00:03 am June 14th, 2015


Challenging Environment

Deep twilight has already set and the sun is sleeping below the horizon. Then suddenly hundreds of dancing head lamps in different moving formations illuminate the forest  for a brief moment and disappear again. This is night orienteering in Jukola Relay.


This unique Fine Art Photograph

on brushed aluminum


1st leg Louna Jukola - 00:03 am June14th, 2015

1st leg Louna Jukola - 00:03 am June14th, 2015


Night Orienteering

WIKIPEDIA: "Competitors use a headlamp to navigate in the dark. Reflective markers often are used on control point flags, which shifts the tactics from precision navigation to searching. Competitors can travel at high speed to the vicinity of the control point, then sweep the area with the light to catch a reflection off the control flag. The two classic club relays, Tiomila and Jukola, both include night legs." 

Aluminum Prints

"What distinguishes Loikas' photographs from the crowd is technique. They are printed on aluminum sheets, making them to react with light and the surroundings in a different way than paper or other materials. The innovative use of materials may be derived from the architectural part of Loikas’ artistry." Excerpt from  Åbo Underrättelser newspaper - translated from Swedish to English - published January 23rd, 2014


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