"I dance because the rhythm moves me, images inspires and breathing allows. Like a poem it grows inside of me, whispers and invites me to move. I just need to close my eyes, listen and I am there. "


A dancer and choreographer born in the Bronx, New York City. Through her work as a dancer and choreographer Curet has taken her practice through many facets, exploring the various angles of dance and is continuously evolving as an international artist.


by Heidi & Daniel -  I've been collaborating with them since September 2015 and I look forward to many future projects. With these cards Dancers and Choreographers share their movement experiences with you.


The artistic intersection of Xan Burley + Alex Springer. In 2013 I had the pleasure to collaborate and create art that resonates in many levels with them in New York City.   



is a Shanghai-based, contemporary dance company.  
In 2014 I photographed Anneliese Charek, Yun Cheng, Ramsey Dewey & Corine Englander in action in Shanghai using streets and other public spaces as stages. 


Leyya Tawil - A New York based movement experimentalist who is always on the road collaborating with local artists around the world.
We collaborated in Suomenlinna Helsinki in 2015 and I also had the opportunity to film one of her mind bending performances. VIDEO


A writer and blogger, whose special area is the built environment. Talotarinat Blog deals with architecture and everyday environment. In Facade Goes Fashion architecture and fashion meet insightfully.

Paula Hoffrén

A talented, energetic and responsible communications consultant & freelance journalist working in all areas of publishing and media.




Timo Mäkipää - photographer, based in Turku, Finland - A photographer for hire, he can do it all - from portraits to product photography. 


Glenn Guy - The Travel Photographer Guru based in Melbourne, Australia - The name says it all, spectacular travel photographs, e-books, podcast & essays  from the arctic to the jungle and back. He is also a master in the Arcanum, the magical academy of artistic mastery.

Torben Kühle is originally from Germany, but lives now in Kirkenes in Northern Norway. He primarily shoots landscapes and northern lights, but I have also seen excellent architectural photography by him.


Connie McClaran based in  Idaho, United States, immerses you with her fantastic photographs of grand landscapes and intimate details of our natural world.

Celso Bressan - A Canadian based photographer - Read his photo essays or see his wonderful series of flower photographs in "Pleasures of Life"

Hugh Ferguson Photography, based in Scotland - This photographer knows and photographs the landscapes of Scotland with passion and great eye.

Guy Parkes - LIVING ON THE EDGE blog - A landscape/travel photographer based in New Zealand. He recently got back from Africa where he photographed its spectacular wildlife and scenery.

Simon Lee is a passionate photographer based in Sydney, Australia, who is always willing to learn new techniques and push the boundaries of photography. 

Anita Hammadache  An Algerian based Australian photographer exploring stories with photographs from intimate and personal perspective.