Moss Dancers of the Archipelago Sea

The winds from Siberia (literally) are blowing and the air is very chilly despite the lack of snow. I am spending my New Year's day in the Baltic Sea in one of the larger islands in Nauvo, Finland. Thankfully our cottage is winter proof.

Moss Dancers of the Archipelago Sea | Nauvo, Finland | January 1st 2016

Today I went out to photograph the magnificent nature around here. The island forests are rocky, but covered with beautiful moss. I was equipped with my camera and a self built fiber optic cable flash and decided to photograph my first improvised dance photograph of the year. My archipelago dancers are entirely organic with no artificial ingredients. Enjoy their archipelagic movement in the chilly winds of Siberia!

First Snow of the Year | Archipelago Sea, Nauvo, Finland | January 1st 2016

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Ice Picasso | Nauvo, Finland | January 2nd 2016